Currently reading/listening:



  • Kai-Fu Lee – AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order
  • Norman L. Kerth – Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews
  • Mark Horstman – The Effective Manager
  • Frederic Laloux – Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness
  • Jimmy Janlén – 96 Visualization Examples: Toolbox for the Agile Coach
  • Jimmy Janlén – Jennie Discovers!
  • Tim Brown – Change by Design
  • Nate Regier – Conflict without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading with Compassionate Accountability
  • Stephen R. Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Mik Kersten – Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework
  • Luis Gonçalves , Ben Linders – Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives: A Toolbox of Retrospective Exercises
  • Patrick Kua – The Retrospective Handbook: A guide for agile teams
  • Tim Harford – Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure
  • David Kelley – Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All
  • Ilan Goldstein – Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners: Agile Tactics, Tools & Tips
  • David Straker – Rapid Problem Solving With Post-it® Notes
  • Ingrid Bens – Facilitating with Ease!: Core Skills for Facilitators, Team Leaders and Members, Managers, Consultants, and Trainers
  • General Stanley McChrystal, Tantum Collins, David Silverman, Chris Fussell – Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World
  • George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, Andrew McAfee – Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation
  • Saso Kunitake – The Non-Designer’s Guide to Design Thinking: What a Marketer Learned in Design School
  • Martin Ford – Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future 
  • Kurt Bittner, Paticia Kong, Dave West – The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum: Continuously Delivering an Integrated Product with Multiple Scrum Teams
  • Robert Greene – Mastery
  • George Zelina – Workshops That Matter – How to Plan and Run Relevant, Productive and Memorable Workshops
  • Craig Larman – Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager’s Guide
  • Jose Berengueres – Sketch Thinking


  • Alexey Krivitsky – lego4scrum 3.0
  • L. David Marquet – Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders
  • Stephen Denning – The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies Are Transforming the Way Work Gets Done
  • Geoff Watts – Scrum Mastery
  • Neil Perkin, Peter Abraham – Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation
  • Sanjeev Sharma – The DevOps Adoption Playbook: A Guide to Adopting DevOps in a Multi-Speed IT Enterprise
  • Thomas Lockwood, Edgar Papke – Innovation by Design
  • Peter Thiel, Blake Masters – Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future
  • Eric Ries – The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses
  • Jez Humble, Joanne Molesky – Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale
  • Lyssa Adkins – Coaching Agile Teams: A Companion for ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers in Transition


  • Patrick Lencioni – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
  • Daniel H. Pink – Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
  • John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber – Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions
  • Jeff Sutherland – Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time
  • Roman Pichler – Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love
  • Zuzana Sochova – The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay
  • Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck – Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit
  • Gunther Verheyen – Scrum: A Pocket Guide (A Smart Travel Companion)
  • Mario E. Moreira – The Agile Enterprise: Building and Running Agile Organizations
  • Rick Freedman – The Agile Consultant: Guiding Clients to Enterprise Agility
  • Sanjeev Sharma – The DevOps Adoption Playbook: A Guide to Adopting DevOps in a Multi-Speed IT Enterprise

2016 (and back)

  • Tobias Mayer – The People’s Scrum: Agile Ideas for Revolutionary Transformation
  • Peter M. Senge – The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
  • Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland – Software in 30 Days: How Agile Managers Beat the Odds, Delight Their Customers, and Leave Competitors in the Dust
  • Kenneth S. Rubin – Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process
  • Mike Cohn – Agile Estimating and Planning
  • Mike Cohn – Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum
  • Dr Linda Holbeche – The Agile Organization: How to Build an Innovative, Sustainable and Resilient Business
  • Gary Gruver, Tommy Mouser – Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale
  • Henrik Kniberg – Scrum and XP from the Trenches
  • Don Norman – The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition
  • Daniel Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, John Willis – The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations
  • Gene Kim, Kevin Behr – The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Backlog [indicative]:

  • Mirco Hering – DevOps for the Modern Enterprise: Winning Practices to Transform Legacy IT Organizations
  • Graham Shaw – The Art of Business Communication: How to use pictures, charts and graphs to make your business message stick
  • Eric Brechner – Agile Project Management with Kanban
  • Marcus Hammarberg, Joakim Sunden – Kanban in Action
  • Klaus Leopold – Practical Kanban: From Team Focus to Creating Value
  • Mattias Skarin – Real-World Kanban: Do Less, Accomplish More with Lean Thinking
  • Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, Gene Kim – Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations
  • Dominica Degrandis, Tonianne DeMaria – Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow
  • Jez Humble, David Farley – Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation
  • Jeff Patton, Peter Economy – User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product
  • Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths – Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions
  • Julie Zhuo – The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You
  • Jocelyn Davis – The Art of Quiet Influence: Timeless Wisdom for Leading without Authority

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